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Dickens of a Christmas Market
Booth Information


  1. Approximately 65 booths are available for each show.
  2. Single Booth space is approximately 85 TO 95 square feet. You will be required to keep your display entirely within that space. No exceptions! (Cost $150)
  3. Double booth spaces are available, approximately 170 to 190 square feet. (Cost $300) 
  4. If booths are shared, each participant must submit 3 good quality photographs of each exhibitors work for approval.
  5. Booth spaces will be assigned in registration sequence.  Preference will be given to returning exhibitors.


Your booth fee is required with your application. Applications are juried in the order they are received. Your check will be cashed upon acceptance. If you are not accepted, your check will be returned to you. If accepted, we will notify you by US mail or electronic mail as you specify.


  1. Set-up 3 pm to 7 pm Thursday November 20, 2003 and 7 AM to 8 AM Friday
  2. Event Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm Friday & 9:00am to 6:00pm Saturday
  3. TAKE DOWN of booth spaces may not begin until 6 pm Saturday.
  4. All vehicles must be removed to designated parking area by 8:30 am on Friday and 8:30 am on Saturday. Please come early enough to comply.
  5. All equipment must be off the premises by 8 pm Saturday.
  6. We have a substantial overnight security force and have had no problems. However, we do not assume any responsibility for your property.

REFUNDS: Final Cancellation Deadline: October 1, 2003

Absolutely NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS after cancellation deadlines.

All approved refunds by September 1st will be charged $35 per booth. Approved refunds by October 1st will be charged $75 cancellation fee.  No refunds after October 1st.